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Prof. Bharat Bhushan
Prof. Bharat Bhushan
Ohio Eminent Scholar and The Howard D. Winbigler Professor, Director, Nanoprobe Lab for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics (NLB2)
The Ohio State University

Prof. Bharat Bhushan is currently the Ohio Eminent Scholar and The Howard D. Winbigler Professor and Director of Nanoprobe Lab for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics, Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Eng., and Graduate Res. Faculty Advisor, Dept. of Mater. Sci.and Eng., Affiliated Faculty, Battelle Center for Science & Technology Policy, John College of Public Affairs, Ohio State University. He developed courses in nanotribology, bio/nanotechnology, and Science and Public Policy, and reorganized mechanical design and materials science courses. Assisted in Creation of an Undergraduate Minor in Science, Engineering, Innovation, and Public Policy between College of Eng. and John Glenn School of Public Affairs. He authored 8 scientific books, 90+ handbook chapters, 800+ scientific papers. Also edited more than 50 books and holds more than 25 U.S. and Foreign Patents.

Research Interest

Fundamental studies in the interdisciplinary areas of bio/nanotribology/nanomechanics and nanomaterials characterization in bio/nanotechnology and biomimetics with a focus on scanning probe techniques

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