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Prof. Dr. George Palasantzas
Prof. Dr. George Palasantzas
Professor in Physics (Surface interactions and Nanostructures), Science and Engineering
University of Groningen

George Palasantzas was born in Amfikleia (Greece) and studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece from 1984-1988. He obtained Fulbright fellowship and completed his MSc at Northeastern University in USA from 1989-1991, and subsequently his PhD with a Prof. J. Krim from 1991-1994. From 1994-1996 he did obligatory military service in Greece, and after PostDoc at TUDelft from 1996-1998 in the NEXT Laboratory (Nanophysics). From 1998-2000 he was PostDoc for NIMR/Groningen. From 2001-2014 worked as University Lecturer at the University of Groningen. From 2010-2013 he was the chairman of the ESF RNP CASIMIR. From 2014-present he was promoted to Professor in Physics. His current research interests are in Nanoscale roughness, Casimir effect and surface interactions, and Nanoparticle Physics (Energy storage, wetting, solar cells). He teaches Mathematical Physics (1 year) and Electronics (2 and 3 years).

Research Interest

Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces, Nanobiotechnology and Advanced Therapeutic Materials (NANOBIOMAT)

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